Ultrabond II with gas-tight crimped connections

#6 AWG braided tinned copper wire with factory-installed eyelets with integral arms, 3″ spacing, hole diameter 1⁄4″.


Product Description


  • One-piece eyelet with arms will not spin or rotate during installation.
  • Gas-tight crimp maximizes conductivity by reducing cold flow and corrosion.
  • Easily trimmed to the desired length with splicer’s scissors; eliminates waste.
  • Simple design provides for easy, foolproof installation. Terminates like any standard connection.
  • Flexibility allows movement of cable without loosening connections.
  • Factory-installed terminations provide maximum pull-out strength; no need to carry special tools.
  • Pre-punched mounting holes are safer, eliminating the need to use a sharp instrument.
  • Solderless termination.
  • Unique patented design.
  • Optional webbed covering pre-installed at factory before spooling.
  • Standard double eyelets are 3/8″ center to center; spacing between sets of eyelets is 4″. These will fit standard double-studded shield connectors and ground bars.


  • Grounding and bonding in pedestals and aerial closures.
  • Provides bond when using heat shrinkable material.
  • Provides bond when using closures not equipped with bonding harnesses.

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Additional Information

Length of braid in feet

100 feet, 11 feet, 25 feet

Braid gauge

#10 AWG, #6 AWG

Hole diameter

#10, 1/4″, 3/8″, 5/16″

Eyelet spacing

3″, 6″, Other, Standard double hole

Braid insulator

Blue webbed insulator, Green webbed insulator, None

    PROD # Length of braid in feet Braid gauge Hole diameter Eyelet spacing Braid insulator
EM 2080 25 feet #6 AWG 1/4" 3" None
EM 2081 25 feet #6 AWG 1/4" 3" Blue webbed insulator
EM 2012-3SD 25 feet #6 AWG 3/8" 3" None
EM 2010-3AU-25 25 feet #6 AWG 3/8" 3" None
EM 2081-100 100 feet #6 AWG 1/4" 3" Blue webbed insulator
EM 2080-11-5/16 11 feet #6 AWG 5/16" 3" None