Rocket 88 Buried Service Wire Shield Connectors — EM-R88…

Small radius shield connector: bottom plate with stud, top plate, two star washer nuts, used to bond and ground 2- to 4-pair buried service wires. See below for options.

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Product Description


  • Brass for strength and conductivity.
  • Tin plated for corrosion compatibility with aluminum, copper, and steel.
  • Shaped bottom plate facilitates insertion into small cables and buried service wires.
  • Teeth on top plate give high pull-out strength.
  • Standard size stud accommodates all bonding and grounding harnesses.
  • Meets Bellcore electrical specifications.
  • Circular, rounded bottom plate electrically isolates shield from cable pairs to prevent shorts and grounds.
  • Designed to work with corrugated or flat/bonded shields
  • Provides excellent pullout strength without punching a stud hole
  • Universal design


  • Bonding and grounding buried service wires (2–12 pairs).
  • Bonding and grounding small cables up to 25 pair.

Use the drop-down menu above to choose optional torque shear nut, blossoms on the bottom plate, short stud, and expanded radius to accommodate 5- to 12-pair cables, or go to the Product Variations tab to find an already configured part number.

Additional Information

Optional torque shear nut

No, Yes

Optional blossoms on bottom plate

No, Yes

Optional short stud

No, Yes

Optional expanded radius

No, Yes

    PROD # Optional torque shear nut Optional blossoms on bottom plate Optional short stud Optional expanded radius
EM R88B No Yes No No
EM-R88E No No No Yes
EM-R88BE No Yes No Yes
EM-R88SBE No Yes Yes Yes
EM-R88 No No No No