One-Hole Copper Compression Flex Conductor Lug—Short Barrel with Sight Hole: 600 MCM — CL-450-W…

Type CL for cable to flat

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Accommodates Cable TypeColor CodeBurndy* Die
(# Crimps)
T&B** Die
(# Crimps)
Bolt SizeCDFLNTWire Strip LengthCatalog Number
Weld - Flex (construction)Locomotive - Navy
600 MCM G 450 MCM (259/0.0417) H 450 MCM (427/0.0325) I 444.4 MCM (1100/24) K 400 MCM (3990/0.010)1100/24 --Green472/22 (2)94H (2)1/21 45/64"1 3/4"0.92"3 7/8"7/8"9/32"1 7/16"CL-450-W-1/2
5/81 45/64"1 3/4"0.92"3 7/8"7/8"9/32"CL-450-W-5/8


*Burndy Type Y-750 Hydraulic Crimp Tool for use with Color Code Dies listed on this chart
**Thomas and Betts TBM-14 Hydraulic Crimp Tool for use with Color Code Dies listed on this chart



  • Short barrel for installation in minimum space.
  • Available with nonstandard holes or undrilled tongue.
  • Manufactured from high-grade, high-conductivity seamless copper tubing.
  • Tin plated to minimize corrosion. Available unplated or with special plating.
  • Color coded for wire size.


Use the drop-down menu below to select options: tongue angle, no plating or matte tin plating, and/or blank (undrilled) tongue, or click on the Product Variations tab below to select already configured lugs.


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Additional Information

Catalog number

CL-450-W-1/2, CL-450-W-5/8

Tongue angle

30°, 45°, 90°, None

Tin plating

Matte tin, No, Yes

Blank (undrilled) tongue

No, Yes

    PROD # Catalog number Tongue angle Tin plating Blank (undrilled) tongue
CL-450-W-1/2 CL-450-W-1/2 None Yes No
CL-450-W-5/8 CL-450-W-5/8 None Yes No